Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A bit of what I'm loving ...

With my competition just a few weeks away, and no carbs since last week, I am a grumpy bear.

Hubs came in on Monday. I have no food (as in fun things to eat) in the house except fish, eggs and assorted veggies. So after he polished off what crumbs where left in the bottom of the pita chip bag (I was literally salivating…), he made grouch-face (me) go to the grocery store.

Grocery shopping is a lot less fun when you are seriously dieting. All I do is read labels on things I think I can eat, put it back realizing I can’t and head to the produce section (healthy eating isn’t as exciting as all the magazines make it seem, and p.s. how are do these protein bars get away with it? The have more sugar than a Snickers bar!).

I am allowed ¼ cup of almonds … not exciting, but enough to hold me over until dinner. Until I found these:

AH-MAZING! They taste like the warm cinnamon and sugared almonds you get at a fair. Though the nutrition counts are the same as plain almonds, but I’m sure there is something not healthy about them, so I want to look into making my own (I love cinnamon).

Tuesday is my day off, so Mark and I headed to the outlet malls (how awesome is my husband?).

I wrote the post about my fragrance obsession … well it continues.

This is so fresh. It smells like you just stepped out of the shower. I only got the rollerball, but I might I have run back and purchase a bottle (or two) in case it goes out of production like my beloved August (by Abercrombie. I know, but it smelled wonderful).

Also, do any of you watch this show?

I love interior decorating and design, but it goes one step further. I love furniture, especially antiques or items that have a story.

I use to want to be a carpenter. I even bought a book on how to make furniture with no electric tools … which I wouldn’t recommend. I lasted about an hour sawing a leg for my cabinet when I begged my Dad to show me how to use the table saw (not that I couldn’t figure it out, I just wanted to keep all my fingers).

It did turn out pretty well:

Anyway, this show is about two interior designers from Los Angeles (both use to work on Extreme Home Makeover) driving around America picking through junk yards, flea markets and backyards for items to fashion unique housewares from.

I’m obsessed. I literally love every piece and I’m completely jellie of their creativity. One can dream … (Mark, this is my okay to purchase wielding equipment and other power tools).

The show is on Lifetime, I believe Thursday nights. If Architectural Digest is your porn, then you will love this show.

A bit too modern for me, but I love the idea

A rope chandelier from wagon wheel.

Yes, that chair on the right is made from a radiator

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