Sunday, August 21, 2011

Saddle Up Cowgirl

You know those days that it just literally too hot to sit by the pool? Well, that is practically every day down here from June to August. However, yesterday was a bit cooler, so after a morning workout and long walk with the pups (finally!) I picked up my current InStyle and plopped myself on a lounge chair.

Flipping through the pages of fall fashion was just killing me! I long for autumn and autumn weather. I am counting the days until Thanksgiving when I make it back up to Cincinnati and I can wear sweaters outdoors (not just to stay warm in the intense A/C-ed interiors down here).

Okay, so this isn’t just about fall. It’s about my OBSESSION with boots. I don’t know why I love them so much. Maybe it follows my usual fashion (if you can call them that) staples of jeans and T-shirts. Or my style of showing less is more (crazy that I’m going to be on stage in a ‘kini in a few short weeks).

But I have always had an obsession with boots and I think it exposes my secret obsession with the Wild West. I don’t like Westerns, but I love movies or TV shows set in the west. If I had a past life, it could have been as Dr. Quinn. I love the simplicity of the desert, and the harshness of it. Life in the wild west was pretty harsh too: if you did something bad you either got run out of town or hung at high noon (image how much government taxpayer money we’d save if that was our justice system now!)

If I could do one thing, money not an option, it would live in Wyoming and have a ranch. And a bunch of boots

So what are the must-haves? Fryes of course. While I don’t have the balls to spend that much money on a pair of boots, a girl can dream.

A peak into my fantasy:

Frye Harness

Frye Cecilia Over the Knee

Frye Jane Tall Cuff

And of course some everyday boot-spiration:

The only negative part about boots: I wish my legs were longer!!!!

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