Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A bit of what I'm loving ...

With my competition just a few weeks away, and no carbs since last week, I am a grumpy bear.

Hubs came in on Monday. I have no food (as in fun things to eat) in the house except fish, eggs and assorted veggies. So after he polished off what crumbs where left in the bottom of the pita chip bag (I was literally salivating…), he made grouch-face (me) go to the grocery store.

Grocery shopping is a lot less fun when you are seriously dieting. All I do is read labels on things I think I can eat, put it back realizing I can’t and head to the produce section (healthy eating isn’t as exciting as all the magazines make it seem, and p.s. how are do these protein bars get away with it? The have more sugar than a Snickers bar!).

I am allowed ¼ cup of almonds … not exciting, but enough to hold me over until dinner. Until I found these:

AH-MAZING! They taste like the warm cinnamon and sugared almonds you get at a fair. Though the nutrition counts are the same as plain almonds, but I’m sure there is something not healthy about them, so I want to look into making my own (I love cinnamon).

Tuesday is my day off, so Mark and I headed to the outlet malls (how awesome is my husband?).

I wrote the post about my fragrance obsession … well it continues.

This is so fresh. It smells like you just stepped out of the shower. I only got the rollerball, but I might I have run back and purchase a bottle (or two) in case it goes out of production like my beloved August (by Abercrombie. I know, but it smelled wonderful).

Also, do any of you watch this show?

I love interior decorating and design, but it goes one step further. I love furniture, especially antiques or items that have a story.

I use to want to be a carpenter. I even bought a book on how to make furniture with no electric tools … which I wouldn’t recommend. I lasted about an hour sawing a leg for my cabinet when I begged my Dad to show me how to use the table saw (not that I couldn’t figure it out, I just wanted to keep all my fingers).

It did turn out pretty well:

Anyway, this show is about two interior designers from Los Angeles (both use to work on Extreme Home Makeover) driving around America picking through junk yards, flea markets and backyards for items to fashion unique housewares from.

I’m obsessed. I literally love every piece and I’m completely jellie of their creativity. One can dream … (Mark, this is my okay to purchase wielding equipment and other power tools).

The show is on Lifetime, I believe Thursday nights. If Architectural Digest is your porn, then you will love this show.

A bit too modern for me, but I love the idea

A rope chandelier from wagon wheel.

Yes, that chair on the right is made from a radiator

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Oh Wednesdays …

School is back in session in Miami-Dade, which means my morning commute is nothing short of hellish. I broke down in my car this morning, and I don't mean my car broke down, I mean I sobbed cried. After an hour of sitting in traffic, I decided to skip class and head home.

So what am I loving …

This guy:

The hubs.

The hubs called and calmed a hysterical crying T me down.

This is after I spent the first part of the week not being a very good cheerleader for him. You know the saying, “Crossing that bridge when you come too it?” ... Well, before I even see the bridge I tend to worry: How long is it? Are their missing planks? Is there a river underneath? What if a plank breaks? Do we need to pay a toll? What if we can’t cross it because there isa giant yak in the middle? … You get the point. Rather I should say, “Cool. There’s something a bit unknown coming, but I’ll worry about it when I actually get to the situation. Until then lets hope for the positive and pray for the best.”

I take for granted my supportive husband. I really do appreciate him and everything he’s done for me. He’s a wonderful man, and I am very blessed to have him.

Okay, enough cheddar.

So yesterday was a bit of an off day as well, but nothing makes the day better than a Target run, right?

While I tried holding off purchasing the apple & cinnamon scented candles as well as everything else remotely associated with autumn (yeah for fall!), I couldn’t. (p.s. Airwick candles are for sale $2.99). I also picked up this:

It’s not as strong as I like (aka it doesn't cover the smell of my burning food cooking), but sitting watching TV or studying (notice the order), it’s a nice scent to have nearby.

I am growing my hair out for my competition, and one of my besties is getting married in June. My hair takes forever to grow, so unless I get fed up and impulsely chop it, I’m leaving it long.

But it being south Florida, and insanely hot as well as treating patients in clinic (you will not believe some positions I’ve been in trying to get a needle in someone), wearing my hair up is the best option.

But unless I’ve straightened and poofed for a low pony, I really hate just throwing it up in a messy, unstructured look. So I’ve been wearing a bun a lot, but a good bun takes a lot of work. Until now:

1. Tease hair to give just a bit of volume.

2. Pull your hair into a loose half pony.

3. Above the ponytail holder, make a hole and pull the loose lower layer through.

4. At this point, I like to tighten the holder (making one more loop around the hair), and tighten the pony.

5. Grab the top and bottom layers and either twist together then twist around into a bun, or just twist two layers into the bun.

6. Pin the bun in place to secure. Pin back any loose ends.

7. Touch of hairspray and/or pomade to tame fly-aways.

8. And you you have a classy and polished ‘do in literally seconds!

I tried to take photos, but I have such dark hair it’s hard to really see. So here's the inspiration from Carolina Herrera's runway show. (Courtesy of

I really like this because by making the under ponytail tight you get a bit of volume, and you hide the ponytail holder (compared a full pony twisted into a bun).

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Saddle Up Cowgirl

You know those days that it just literally too hot to sit by the pool? Well, that is practically every day down here from June to August. However, yesterday was a bit cooler, so after a morning workout and long walk with the pups (finally!) I picked up my current InStyle and plopped myself on a lounge chair.

Flipping through the pages of fall fashion was just killing me! I long for autumn and autumn weather. I am counting the days until Thanksgiving when I make it back up to Cincinnati and I can wear sweaters outdoors (not just to stay warm in the intense A/C-ed interiors down here).

Okay, so this isn’t just about fall. It’s about my OBSESSION with boots. I don’t know why I love them so much. Maybe it follows my usual fashion (if you can call them that) staples of jeans and T-shirts. Or my style of showing less is more (crazy that I’m going to be on stage in a ‘kini in a few short weeks).

But I have always had an obsession with boots and I think it exposes my secret obsession with the Wild West. I don’t like Westerns, but I love movies or TV shows set in the west. If I had a past life, it could have been as Dr. Quinn. I love the simplicity of the desert, and the harshness of it. Life in the wild west was pretty harsh too: if you did something bad you either got run out of town or hung at high noon (image how much government taxpayer money we’d save if that was our justice system now!)

If I could do one thing, money not an option, it would live in Wyoming and have a ranch. And a bunch of boots

So what are the must-haves? Fryes of course. While I don’t have the balls to spend that much money on a pair of boots, a girl can dream.

A peak into my fantasy:

Frye Harness

Frye Cecilia Over the Knee

Frye Jane Tall Cuff

And of course some everyday boot-spiration:

The only negative part about boots: I wish my legs were longer!!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Slip-Slopps & Scents

The weekends go by to fast!!!!

The hubs was around this past weekend. He came in earlier in the week and brought me a little surprise:

Since I worked on the boat (almost 2 years ago!) I live in flip-flops (never, never, never thought that would happen. I can’t remember the last time I wore a real heel … maybe a wedding in May?). I posted a while back my most favorite must-have slopps.

So these I call them my “house” slopps because they are thicker than what I usually where, and a bit spongy (they are actually made of yoga mats, so it makes the feet happy!). The zebra lining is little hairs, so it’s like a nice new pair of tennies; I don’t want to get them dirty.

The weekend began with our usual Friday night dinner at Cheesecake Factory (which is a lot less fun now that I’m restricted to the fish and veggies. I cannot wait to feast on a crab cake sandwich or their grilled cheese = AMAZING!!!!)

We actually headed out to dins at 5:30p, and with our usual spot at the bar, we had time to walk around the mall after dinner … Which lead to shopping. Now that I’m training for my fitness comp, I had to walk in Lululemon to understand what it was all about. I still don’t get it, but I appreciate the free tailoring (… really … on yoga pants.)

We headed to Sephora. Mark and I are both scent-whores. We don’t have “signature” scents, and both of us have medicine cabinets full of perfume/cologne bottles. (True story: When Mark’s boat got searched by Canadian border patrol, the one comment they made was to Mark, asking why he had so much cologne. Apparently he had enough to be a national security concern.)

So we scoured the back walls. And surprisingly I settled on an old favorite.

I wore this maybe three or four years ago. While I LOVE Burberry Sheer, it’s a bit to floral for me. And being in south Florida, the heat and humidity makes any scent 10x stronger, so anything to too floral or heavy is out. And while there is no fall here, this scent is a greattransition smell in any other climate.

Also two other scents I’ve fallen in love with:

And while we were heading to pay, I feel victim to the mini-cosmetics that line check out counter.

Mini Buxom Big & Healthy Lip in Tara & New Orleans

Of course it is named after me, so I just had to buy it.

Not only is a good neutral pink for almost everyone, it isn’t gloopy or make my lips and tongue go numb with the “plump” factor.

This weekend also marked Miss Morgan’s first birthday.

While I had wanted to celebrate and make puppy-cakes (Martini turns four later this month), I didn’t get around to it. But we did head to the dog beach in Bonita Springs. And for the first time Morgan began swimming like a dog, not like a drowning rat!

Happy Week!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Vacation time!

Homegirl needs a vacay!

Seriously. Last week I had to make up two clinic shifts as well as go to my weekly scheduled shift. Each shift, 8 hours, plus the two hour round-trip commute. Last Friday, I also had a final, plus my gym time = no time for pup pups.

Remember me?

This week I started a 4-week summer course, which runs from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. I don’t get home until 3:30 - 4 p.m. and I had a make-up clinic shift this week, plus my usual shift. The hubs came home for a few days, and I’ve maybe seen him a total of 8 waking hours in the last three days.

Not to mention last week my parents and one of my brothers left for here:

They've spent a week in Israel (GO! It’s such an amazing country!)

Then they are spending the next week or so here:

Oh, yes, island hopping around the Seychelles. Mark’s parents live there, so this is the first time everyone has seen each other since the whirlwind wedding week.

And tomorrow my youngest brother leaves for here:

He is living in London-town for the next year for a work/study program. Minus the rioting, I love London (after all, I did get engaged there).

The newly engaged in front of Buckingham Palace

While look like Mark and I will be spending some of our winter break in the Seychelles, it’s a long time to get there, and unfortunately, never a long enough stay.

Where would I vacation if I could? Just a few off the top of my head:




Sedona: spa day, ahem ... week?


Also, for those of you that don’t frequent this shop, I love

I’ve seen there jewelry in a lot of small boutiques, so you might be familiar with their products. But through August 24, they are having a 50% sale! Perfect for stocking up on gifts for girlfriends, moms, bridal parties, etc.

I don’t wear a lot of jewelry and what I do wear is usually simple, and that is Dogeared to a T. Plus, each piece usually has a special meaning or message behind it which makes it that much more thoughtful.

Of course I'm getting the skull :)

Enjoy the weekend!!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Paper Pushing

What is it about paper that is so calming?

There is nothing like a new pad of Post-its or … perhaps a new planner (or "Filofax" as the hubs refers to it) that makes the world seem right.

Maybe because it's a representation of a clean slate. Or maybe it’s the pen to the paper that brings the excitement and anticipation of good things and ideas to come.

I could spend HOURS looking at cards, stationary and stationary accessories. There is just something about it ALL that excites me.

So, I was super excited that this came in the mail today:

My planner!!!!

Okay, so it's not paper, but it has seahorses.
Watch this at least 3 times, and you will find a reason to quote it in ALL situations: Seahorses Forever.

And yesterday a package from the arrived. This package was special because it contained pieces of an invitation for a very important chica’s baby shower.

The AMAZING parents-to-be

Some of my closest friends are due in November. I am lucky enough to not only help in planning the shower, but to make the invites. So I have been putting any negative “funk” energy into assembling these with love.

Here's a sneak peak:

pardon the HORRIBLE kitchen lighting

Also, this is my necklace of the month:

I often pull a Carrie Bradshaw and wear the life out of an accessory.

I bought it when Mark and I first started dating and the novelty of a yachtie lifestyle hadn't worn off yet. (I think I actually bought it while looking for a gift for the aforementioned friend's birthday ... oopsie!). I haven't worn it in a long time, but I found it the other day and retired whatever else was around my neck.

Anyway, a patient commented on it today in clinic. The patient was older, and Cuban, and I guess from far away (well, massage table to chair) it looks like a "cruz." I explained that it was an anchor, but I did picked it because it does sort of looked like a cross, and in Christian tradition, "faith" and "hope" are symbolized with a cross and an anchor.

Duh!!! What I needed most in the past week I was wearing around my neck! While I am plenty loved (too much for my own good, I'm sure), faith, and especially hope, are often forgotten.

Let's just say this necklace might stay on a bit longer.

Monday, August 1, 2011

In a Funk

When I started this blog, I wanted to document my journey in whether it be in prepping for marriage, life there after, life in a new town or just life. While a lot of post have been light and airy, I need a post that touches some not-so-upbeat reality.

This is that post.

The hubs came home for a hot minute this weekend. Thank goodness because I was in a serious funk.

As most of you know that I haven’t really acclimated to South Florida.

Okay, so I may have acclimated to this ...

Now, Mark’s boss is looking at the possibility of a future business venuture that would enable Mark to be in one place more than he is gone. (What?! Have a husband that is home every night?!)

And while Mark is talking about different places that this venture could take us in the future, I have a huge fear that no matter where we go, I won’t like it, I won’t find people that I connect with and it will be Miami all over again.

I know, I know … this is an fallacy and I’m being a tad-bit dramatic, but the last year and a half really hit me hard. I feel like I am just trying to get through the next year and a half. And if you know me, I am not one to feel comfortable sitting idle.

So my funk began. The hubs flew in on Saturday and after some tears (mine) and “I’m sorrys” (his, though it was because he couldn’t make it better, not because he did anything) and hugs and a two-hour nap, I was felt better.

Mark took me out to dinner, and we talked about my funk.

I am EXTREMELY shy. I’ve known my best friend since first grade. Most of my other close friends are from high school. And the few friends I have from college or church are because we either lived together or shared life together.

I’m friendly, but not out-going. It’s not that I can’t meet people, but it takes a lot out of me. As my husband says, I can turn it on when I need to, but it’s almost like I’m not fully myself. I’m not fake, but I do have to put on an act.

And frankly, between school and homework and the terrible, traffic-filled, two hour commute and errands and dogs and … oh, yeah trying to find something (book, hobby, work out, etc.) that makes me at least a little bit interesting (... most people glaze over when I try to explain acupuncture or Spleen Qi deficiency to them), I’m too tired to try to put on my act.

So I’ve given up, and I ended up in a funk.

My husband, who is very out-going, assured me that once we actually live together, friends will come. We compliment each other. He’s the yang to my yin.

Then it hit me: a majority of my close friends have been my “yangs:” Out-going, friendly, story-tellers, easy to talk to and easy to befriend. I’m fun and friendly, but I’m a bit reserved (though I have moments). I’ve never been without a “yang” until a year and a half ago.

A few of the yangs and yins

So there is no conclusion to this story. I am temporarily out of my funk. I know I need to trust that God has my back, and He will put people in my life at an appropriate time, but it’s hard.