Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Oh Wednesdays …

School is back in session in Miami-Dade, which means my morning commute is nothing short of hellish. I broke down in my car this morning, and I don't mean my car broke down, I mean I sobbed cried. After an hour of sitting in traffic, I decided to skip class and head home.

So what am I loving …

This guy:

The hubs.

The hubs called and calmed a hysterical crying T me down.

This is after I spent the first part of the week not being a very good cheerleader for him. You know the saying, “Crossing that bridge when you come too it?” ... Well, before I even see the bridge I tend to worry: How long is it? Are their missing planks? Is there a river underneath? What if a plank breaks? Do we need to pay a toll? What if we can’t cross it because there isa giant yak in the middle? … You get the point. Rather I should say, “Cool. There’s something a bit unknown coming, but I’ll worry about it when I actually get to the situation. Until then lets hope for the positive and pray for the best.”

I take for granted my supportive husband. I really do appreciate him and everything he’s done for me. He’s a wonderful man, and I am very blessed to have him.

Okay, enough cheddar.

So yesterday was a bit of an off day as well, but nothing makes the day better than a Target run, right?

While I tried holding off purchasing the apple & cinnamon scented candles as well as everything else remotely associated with autumn (yeah for fall!), I couldn’t. (p.s. Airwick candles are for sale $2.99). I also picked up this:

It’s not as strong as I like (aka it doesn't cover the smell of my burning food cooking), but sitting watching TV or studying (notice the order), it’s a nice scent to have nearby.

I am growing my hair out for my competition, and one of my besties is getting married in June. My hair takes forever to grow, so unless I get fed up and impulsely chop it, I’m leaving it long.

But it being south Florida, and insanely hot as well as treating patients in clinic (you will not believe some positions I’ve been in trying to get a needle in someone), wearing my hair up is the best option.

But unless I’ve straightened and poofed for a low pony, I really hate just throwing it up in a messy, unstructured look. So I’ve been wearing a bun a lot, but a good bun takes a lot of work. Until now:

1. Tease hair to give just a bit of volume.

2. Pull your hair into a loose half pony.

3. Above the ponytail holder, make a hole and pull the loose lower layer through.

4. At this point, I like to tighten the holder (making one more loop around the hair), and tighten the pony.

5. Grab the top and bottom layers and either twist together then twist around into a bun, or just twist two layers into the bun.

6. Pin the bun in place to secure. Pin back any loose ends.

7. Touch of hairspray and/or pomade to tame fly-aways.

8. And you you have a classy and polished ‘do in literally seconds!

I tried to take photos, but I have such dark hair it’s hard to really see. So here's the inspiration from Carolina Herrera's runway show. (Courtesy of

I really like this because by making the under ponytail tight you get a bit of volume, and you hide the ponytail holder (compared a full pony twisted into a bun).

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  1. I gave in and bought a bunch of pumpkin candles. I couldn't help myself! However, it's still too hot in Charleston to burn them. Something about the 95+ temps and fall scents just don't mix!