Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Paper Pushing

What is it about paper that is so calming?

There is nothing like a new pad of Post-its or … perhaps a new planner (or "Filofax" as the hubs refers to it) that makes the world seem right.

Maybe because it's a representation of a clean slate. Or maybe it’s the pen to the paper that brings the excitement and anticipation of good things and ideas to come.

I could spend HOURS looking at cards, stationary and stationary accessories. There is just something about it ALL that excites me.

So, I was super excited that this came in the mail today:

My planner!!!!

Okay, so it's not paper, but it has seahorses.
Watch this at least 3 times, and you will find a reason to quote it in ALL situations: Seahorses Forever.

And yesterday a package from the Paper-source.com arrived. This package was special because it contained pieces of an invitation for a very important chica’s baby shower.

The AMAZING parents-to-be

Some of my closest friends are due in November. I am lucky enough to not only help in planning the shower, but to make the invites. So I have been putting any negative “funk” energy into assembling these with love.

Here's a sneak peak:

pardon the HORRIBLE kitchen lighting

Also, this is my necklace of the month:

I often pull a Carrie Bradshaw and wear the life out of an accessory.

I bought it when Mark and I first started dating and the novelty of a yachtie lifestyle hadn't worn off yet. (I think I actually bought it while looking for a gift for the aforementioned friend's birthday ... oopsie!). I haven't worn it in a long time, but I found it the other day and retired whatever else was around my neck.

Anyway, a patient commented on it today in clinic. The patient was older, and Cuban, and I guess from far away (well, massage table to chair) it looks like a "cruz." I explained that it was an anchor, but I did picked it because it does sort of looked like a cross, and in Christian tradition, "faith" and "hope" are symbolized with a cross and an anchor.

Duh!!! What I needed most in the past week I was wearing around my neck! While I am plenty loved (too much for my own good, I'm sure), faith, and especially hope, are often forgotten.

Let's just say this necklace might stay on a bit longer.

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