Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Slip-Slopps & Scents

The weekends go by to fast!!!!

The hubs was around this past weekend. He came in earlier in the week and brought me a little surprise:

Since I worked on the boat (almost 2 years ago!) I live in flip-flops (never, never, never thought that would happen. I can’t remember the last time I wore a real heel … maybe a wedding in May?). I posted a while back my most favorite must-have slopps.

So these I call them my “house” slopps because they are thicker than what I usually where, and a bit spongy (they are actually made of yoga mats, so it makes the feet happy!). The zebra lining is little hairs, so it’s like a nice new pair of tennies; I don’t want to get them dirty.

The weekend began with our usual Friday night dinner at Cheesecake Factory (which is a lot less fun now that I’m restricted to the fish and veggies. I cannot wait to feast on a crab cake sandwich or their grilled cheese = AMAZING!!!!)

We actually headed out to dins at 5:30p, and with our usual spot at the bar, we had time to walk around the mall after dinner … Which lead to shopping. Now that I’m training for my fitness comp, I had to walk in Lululemon to understand what it was all about. I still don’t get it, but I appreciate the free tailoring (… really … on yoga pants.)

We headed to Sephora. Mark and I are both scent-whores. We don’t have “signature” scents, and both of us have medicine cabinets full of perfume/cologne bottles. (True story: When Mark’s boat got searched by Canadian border patrol, the one comment they made was to Mark, asking why he had so much cologne. Apparently he had enough to be a national security concern.)

So we scoured the back walls. And surprisingly I settled on an old favorite.

I wore this maybe three or four years ago. While I LOVE Burberry Sheer, it’s a bit to floral for me. And being in south Florida, the heat and humidity makes any scent 10x stronger, so anything to too floral or heavy is out. And while there is no fall here, this scent is a greattransition smell in any other climate.

Also two other scents I’ve fallen in love with:

And while we were heading to pay, I feel victim to the mini-cosmetics that line check out counter.

Mini Buxom Big & Healthy Lip in Tara & New Orleans

Of course it is named after me, so I just had to buy it.

Not only is a good neutral pink for almost everyone, it isn’t gloopy or make my lips and tongue go numb with the “plump” factor.

This weekend also marked Miss Morgan’s first birthday.

While I had wanted to celebrate and make puppy-cakes (Martini turns four later this month), I didn’t get around to it. But we did head to the dog beach in Bonita Springs. And for the first time Morgan began swimming like a dog, not like a drowning rat!

Happy Week!

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  1. Burberry! Yeah girl!!! Sadly, my bottle of Brit is almost gone after, I don't know, 6 or 7 years?