Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Paddling and Gobbling

 I can't believe it's already Thanksgiving. 

This year the hubs and I are taking full advantage of autumn in the land of palm tress by participating in the Turkey Trot, Florida-style.  

Instead of running a 5K or 10K, we will be paddle boarding in a two mile race. 

It doesn't sound that far, but the race begins at 7:30 a.m. and it's been a bit chilly down here, so I think battling hypothermia may make the race a bit more intense :)

We have the fitness in, so we can indulge a bit later.  

There's nothing this girl love more than a good carb and comfort foods.  But if you know me, you know I am a vegetarian most of the time, and a pescatarian some of the time.  

Either way, no turkey. 

I believe my lack of love for the meat stems from a Thanksgiving years back.  I think I was about five, and we were celebrating Thanksgiving when someone mentioned there was a "big bird in the oven." My little ears heard "big bird" and I burst into tears, believing Big Bird was roasting. 

Basically me. 
No more meat for me. 

If turkey is for you, please note the benefits of gobble:

- Turkey offers more protein per portion than chicken, beef or pork.  It is also easily digestible, making it perfect for those with sensitive GI systems and those that are older. 

- Turkey has less total fat than other meats, including chicken.

- Turkey's white meat is also low in calories.

Please remember portion control.
 (plus the more you have left over, the less you need to cook the days following!) 

The traditional foods we eat, obviously weren't exactly what the Pilgrims ate.  
(Sorry, no pumpkin pie at the first Thanksgiving).  

While they most likely ate turkey, records show they also ate venison (also a great protein source, low in saturated fat), fish and lobster (remember, they were on the coast). 

Most likely I will go in the direction of the sea and make healthier crab cakes. 

From Skinny Taste: the recipe
Recipe note: I use breadcrumbs instead of crackers. They tend to be less processed.

These are so delicious and perfect to eat everyday, by adding on salad, in a pita or along with roasted veggies. 

Hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving.  Indulge a bit, but remember what the day is about. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Marital Bonding

Since competitions are in the off season, the Hubs and I have been trying to think of things to do together. 

Actually, this has been a long process, especially since up until two months ago, the Hubs has been abroad most of our marriage.  I would find hobbies (like competing) but they were more singular-based since I was by myself.

We did try to find something. 

When we worked together on the boat, we took up paddle boarding.  But it was a lot easier to drop in the boards and go for an early morning paddle when Caribbean Sea is at your back door (literally). 

We tried camping ... in the swamp ... in the spring.

Needless to say the mosquitos and all-night Christina Aguilera Spanish-version CD blaring from the family reunion on the other side of the camp site made us head for home early the next morning.  

Hubs attempted to teach me SCUBA, but I have trouble remembering to breathe while watching TV& I'm a nose breather, so the regulator and I have to get more acquainted before I graduate from pool to open water. 

We also tried working out together, but spending three hours at the gym on a Saturday obviously didn't appeal to Hubs.

Two weekends ago, the Hubs suggested hitting up the driving range.  Even that didn't go as planned! When I learned to play golf in Ohio, the driving range I frequented was set up as little separated boxes, in the shade, with a Coke machine in near the pro shop.  It was come as you are, and often a Saturday morning, college-guys would show up in all their hung-over glory, complete with uncombed hair and PJ pants. 

So when Hubs suggested we go, I didn't have a second thought about my cut off shortie-shorts and tank top.  Unfortunately, the golf course, where the driving range was, had a dress code that was not "lazy Sunday" approved. 

I wasn't kicked out, but I was a little shy about stepping on to the green.   Eventually a lady with a short golf skirt and sleeveless polo showed up, and I'm sure I exposed less booty than she did when we took our set-up stance.  

Note to self: Invest in a polo and bermuda shorts. 

It was fun, but Hubs and I were looking more for driving range and less country club.

But last weekend, we perhaps found a niche.

We competed in the Warrior Dash

5K of obstacles and fun.  

Pre-race, representing Hubbie's home team

Post race glory! 

Post-race nourishment!

I had fun, my knee on the other hand ...
it grew another knee cap :)

I might be a little late to the fun-run party, but I highly recommend this as a great way not only to bond with family and with friends (I believe I saw a bridal party, which I'm sure my bridesmaids are glad I found out about this after our wedding, otherwise we'd be hitting the town with dirt in our hair), but as a fun way to get in some exercise.   

I know that runs ranges in difficulty level, but the Warrior Dash is great for all levels.  Some people started walking pretty early into the race, most dress in costume and you can bypass the obstacles if you feel unable to accomplish them, but isn't that the point?

A lot of the obstacles include pulling yourself up or over something, swimming, jumping and obviously running.  What better why to move your body!

I also have to note that the day after golfing my chest and core, specifically my obliques, were so sore.  I always recommend weight lifting, but sometimes it's nice to use our bodies in ways we normally wouldn't.  It breaks our bodies out of plateaus.

Here is a list of MudRuns ... some are female only, so grab so girlfriends.  Sites like Road Race Runner also have a ton of running events, listed by states and organized by length of race.

Before you start anything, please make sure you train and have proper equipment.  While the Warrior Dash can be done in hiking shoes, for most and multiple runs I would invest in a good pair of running shoes (And good doesn't always equal expensive).

Excited?  Look up your local Turkey Trot and earn your piece of pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving.