Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lovin' Me Some ...

I need to be better at updating this blog. Since I have a final on Friday, this will be a shorty, “What I’m Loving Wednesday!” Happy Hump Day! (Did all you SUA girls smile?)

My hubby came into town this weekend, which was awesome, since it would have been over a month until we see each other otherwise.

We did our Friday night usual: Cheesecake Factory and a movie.

LOVIN' me some Red Raspberry Martini,

the Herb-crusted Salmon

and Red Velvet cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.

Needless to say, I think my first meal after my fitness competition will be at the Cheesecake Factory.

We ran errands the next day. A little surf shop near our apartment is one of the only places that carry my favorite flip-flops:

I actually didn't own a nice pair of flip-flops until I worked on the boat. These are perfect! They are super light-weight (like wearing nothing) and they just go with everything without looking too beach bum. Pup-pup Morgan ate my last pair in November, and I have been struggling to find another.

I also picked up some of this:

I LOVE anything mint from foods to scents (maybe because it smells so clean). It's delicious!

My hair is so dry (thanks to the curling, teasing and straighten I do), so I usually by a heavy duty conditioner and/or use a leave-in. Well, my hair is super-duper soft after using this:

We stopped by Fresh Market for some afternoon munchies, and splurged on the strawberry cupcake. OMG! Fresh Market has the BEST bakery selection. Seriously.

I got my iPhone last week, so when I’m not obsessing over Angry Birds, I’ve been obsessing over Instagram. Here are a few of my faves :)

The handsome hubs and my little burrito


Martini reminds me of the Stapler guy in Office Space,
since Morgan took his bone

Miss Morgan, sitting pensively on the balcony

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