Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dress Code

When I met Mark, I quickly learned that pearls and argyles does not a yachtie make. While they might fly at the country club or in the Hamptons, actually working and living on the multi-million dollar floating mansions is a lot less glamorous.

And while Top-siders look great at the annual club cookout, you better be a superior sailor if you wear them on the dock. (Although, I’ve been having a love affair with this pair of Sperry’s:

so I might have to break this rule, ... and fast.)

That being said, preppy, fancy dress and real yachting don’t mix. However, apparently preppy, fancy dress and Miami don't mix either. I’ll give it to Miami that often times it is too hot to even wear a tank and shorts, let alone dress up and slap on make up.

But I’ve been stalking reading blogs of some lovely ladies back from around my neck of the woods and the topic of Lilly Pulitzer comes up quiet a bit.

A few years ago, when I had a wedding to go to every other weekend, I stumbled upon Lilly. And while I adored the clothes, they’re a bit expensive to only wear once. At the time, I worked a job where I could barely pay the bills and have fun, so I had to downgrade my taste to oh, say, Forever 21 or the Gap.

Now, I have no weddings, nor do I go out much, and I live in the frickin’ tropics, so paying even $50 for a dress seems silly (while I do dress up on my clinic days, most of my classmates tend towards scrubs, so business causal is a bit too much).

Some of my favorite Lilly’s are a bit too dressy (ahem, expensive) to wear while acupuncturing.

This might work in clinic, or perfect for a day in Newport ::sigh::

Somebody invite me someplace fancy! Fast!!!!!

I would wedding crash just to wear this dress.

Um, no. Never ... Sorry Lil

But I’m thankful for sites like! (Seriously, check it out … and Last week they had a HUGE sale on some Lilly. And I was lucky enough to pick some up at half price (I love a sale! I could be in the running to be on the next Extreme Couponing. While I was gushing with my steal, my sweet hubs told me if I really liked a this-season full-price dress I can buy it … but honestly, where is the fun in that?)

So ... what do you think?

Perfect for summer and for clinic (... pardon the Kong)

Not too sure about this one. Hubs, what do you think?

Morgan getting some mirror action

If I do keep it, I might have it tailor to make it more form-fitting …. I don't think A-line does much for me.

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