Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day and Grams

As you may have noticed, I changed the name, address and layout of the blog. Why? I had initially wanted the blog to chronicle the married-life. However, Mark and my married life is unique due to the “other woman” involved: a 95ft. motor yacht.

Now, I want the blog to reflect our married life and, because the boat is such a big part of our life, the boat as well. There is a different perspective a yacht wife can bring to the marriage arena, same as those that are military wives. There are different situations than what the 9-to-5, day-to-day couple may experience. The title change just seems more fitting for the direction I want to take the blog.

On that note, let me devote the first post of the new blog to a very special lady, my Grams.

But first, Happy Memorial Day! I hope all of you have a wonderful day with family and friends ... don't forget to say a little thanks and prayer for those who have served so we can have this day. A friend posted this on his FB: A day for those who never had their joyful reunion at the airport. A day for those who never returned to enjoy the fruits of what they fought for. A day for those who gave their last full measure of devotion. A day for those who never got to see a world without war. A day for us to remember ordinary citizens who paid an extraordinary price for the rest of us... Remember them today.

Second, I want to wish my Grandma Ruth a happy birthday!!!! While I will not disclose her age, lets just say she hasn't been an octogenarian for quite some time now.

Grams and my mom on my wedding day

Isn't she to die for?!

Three generations

Grams is really an amazing lady. When I first moved down here, Mark and I had a few days together then he left … the country! He went to Hong Kong to visit his brother who lives there. Mark’s parents where also there, and feeling a bit homesick, Mark wanted to see his family. So I was left alone in a strange city, a big city, and I too was feeling homesick. I cried everyday, all day (except for the four hours I was in class. I didn’t want my classmates to think I was totally crazy).

My Grams spends the winter months in Naples, Fla. And thank goodness! My first few months in Florida I spent weekends driving back and forth, across Alligator Alley, to have sleep-overs at Grams. She even let Martini-dog in the house (Grams really doesn’t like dogs).

Grams lost my grandfather a few years back. Immediately after, she started to clean and put her things in order, so to speak. She and we figured she’s go soon after since they had an amazing romance that started in grade school. However, one day she realized she wasn’t ready to go yet.

We both had similar situations. After my Grams and Grandpa got married, Grandpa had to go to war. Thankfully, Mark was not at war, but at away at work. Although, as much as I push that thought, it really doesn't make it any easier when you realize you are still going to bed and waking up alone. So I asked her how she does it.

Grams's Secrets:

1. Get out of the house at least once during the day

2. Say yes: to golf, to lunches, to dinners … don’t turn down an invitation

3. Pray and go to church daily.

4. Always live in the present. Rather than dwelling on regrets, learned from the situation and move on. Be hopeful for the days ahead, something we can lose site of if we focus too much on the past.

5. Dress up. There is no need for full-on makeup everyday, but a great outfit can really boost your ego when you’re feeling a bit down.

6. You are never to old to expand your shoe collection.

For 90-something year young lady, she is truly fabulous.

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