Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We are UD!!!

It was a whirlwind of a weekend. I went back to Ohio to celebrate my youngest brother, Eric, graduating from the University of Dayton. It’s my alma mater too, as well as my other two brothers.

I flew into Dayton Saturday morning and I immediately felt at home back on Ohio soil.

I talked to a grumpy Mark earlier that day. So when I passed by the airport gift shop selling “Nothing Tips Like A Cow: Ohio” T-shirts, I immediately bought HIS and HERS. It’s silly but you can’t help but laugh a little when you see it. Plus, I must represent down here.

My brother’s house had a graduation party. Of course, all of you in Ohio have been rained out for the last few weeks, and the party was no exception. Even with a tent, the ground was a pool. Luckily my brilliant cousins, and their spouses, all UD grads, decided to wait out the rain by playing flip-cup. (Apparently there was flip-cup at our wedding as well … I’m sad I missed it). My brother Brett came in from Chicago with some of his roommates, who also happened to be UD grads. At the end of the night it was the alums, not the current graduates, who had the party going.

Sunday started with graduation. After a quick lunch and a few Mother’s Day mimosas, Brett returned to Chicago and my parents helped Eric finish packing his room. I decided to go for a literal stroll down memory lane (plus, I was not going to use the bathroom in my brother's disgusting Ghetto house).

UD hold such a special place in my heart. It was so unique; a place where friends really are family. It made me a bit sad to walk around campus, and slightly jealous of those who still get to go to school there.

I thought I’d include a few pictures of this beautiful piece of paradise.

My house senior year!

St. Joseph's Hall, where I spent almost every day

Lit up for Christmas on Campus.

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  1. Thought graduation was wonderful. I am so glad you came back for it. UD is a special place. So happy you had the chance to go their.