Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Positively Counting the Days

Wow! What a historic weekend: Miss Kate became Princess, Pope John Paul II was beatified and Osama bin Laden was killed (p.s. I read this somewhere that Hitler also was declared dead on May 1. Spooky, eh?).

This weekend also marked the official start of the yacht season for Mark and me. On Sunday, Mark drove 10 hours, back to the boat in Charleston. From now on, he’ll be traveling up the coast, and we’ll return to our “just visiting” marriage status.

It’s always depressing seeing him leave (I think Martini has a harder time, realizing that it’s one car ride he’s not going on). And though I much rather have him here, yesterday I was trying to think of positive things about this time apart.

What?! You're not taking me with you?

Don't go!

1. I get the WHOLE bed.

Mark is a tall man; he doesn’t fit in just any old bed (Made evident when we were at my parents home for Christmas, where my old bed is stationed. It's a queen and homeboy’s feet hang well off the edge!) So we bought an amazingly comfortable California King bed. It’s an awesome bed, and it’s where the pups and I hang out when Mark isn’t home. All three of us spread out and relax as we watch our favorite TV shows (see #3).

Who wouldn't want to share a bed with these two?

The most amazing night's sleep ever!

2. I have a hair station.

We are lucky enough to have a beautiful apartment with a HUGE bathroom that has HIS and HERS sinks. And when Mark is gone, it becomes HERS and HER HAIR STUFF sinks.

3. I can watch my trashy TV shows.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE reality TV. Specifically, I LOVE Biggest Loser (obviously a tear-jerker, not so much trashy), Bethenny Ever After (can I BE her?!), Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant, and ALL The Real Housewives of …. It’s guilty-pleasure, embarrassed-to-admit-it, trashy reality TV. And no judgment or rolling of the eyes sitting next to me.

4. I get to count down ‘til I see him again!

As much as I love Mark being here, there is always a timeline in the back of my head. It’s terrible to live life waiting for a departure date. We’ve done it a million times, and I know it’s temporary, but it never gets easier. However, the “most positive” thing about Mark being gone is that I get to look forward to seeing him again!

… Which luckily won’t be that long, as we "rendezvous" in Cincinnati for my friends wedding in just a few weeks. I am so looking forward to being back home and seeing all my girlfriends. We always pick up right were we left off, even in spite of marriages and babies and living states apart.

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