Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day Restlessness

I've been feeling super "nesty" lately.

No I'm not pregnant.

I'm SUPER restless, and a lotta stressed.

I am in my final year and I am just itching to get done and get outta Dodge. Our landlord is selling our apartment as well. We are hoping it's to an investor who will allow us to stay until at least next spring, but there's a fear that it won't end up that way and/or she decides it's best to sell the property sans tenets all together.

I just want my own place and not have to move again for at least five years.

In the past, when I get restless and stressed, I get crafty.

(Seriously, I repainted my bedroom three times in 48 hours because I couldn't get the perfect "gray" color ... it's still not perfect, but it was called to my attention I could be on the verge of severely OCD, so I put down the brush and had to step away from the paint can.)

LUCKILY, Valentine's Day is around the corner.

Holidays were always a big deal in my family. My mom would go all out. We had decorations for everything, candy, cookies, big meals, etc. We use to get together with out crafty neighbor and make T-shirts or sweatshirts with holiday iron-ons for EVERY holiday (remember when those were popular? Or did I just think they were?)

With Mark working most holidays, they have sort of lost their significance on him. And a bit on me. Last year was the first Valentine's Day we spent together in our four years together. We've spent two Thanksgivings together, but one was off the coast of Turks & Caicos with a rolly boat (ie a seas-sick wife) and no food (seriously, I think we had crackers and cheese). Last year was the first Easter we spent together. We have always been together to Halloween and Christmas, so we go all out on those.

Usually when we do spent hoildays together it's super last minute, so it's pointless to decorate just a few days before the celebration. And I felt stupid decorating just for myself.

But this year is different. My restless (and maybe an obsession with Pinterest) took over.

I saw this:

and this:

And make my own for literally less than five dollars:

Ribbon: Michael's, Red hearts: Michael's, paper hearts, paper from Target ($2.50 for a pack)

I also saw this wonderful cookie recipe and was DYING to bake them.

Much to the hubs chagrin, I cook around my laptop.

Cookie cutters, Target

A dieters worse nightmare = brown sugar and butter ::sign::

But I was good and ate my sweet potatoes and fish. ::grr...::

I've never baked cookies in our oven before, so the first batch was a little overdone.

And I was afraid they'd taste a bit bland, so I also made some royal icing, with a hint of vanilla added (seriously, easiest recipe ever!)

And while my husband enjoyed a plateful over the week he was home

I did pack and send some to my parents, brothers and Grams.

I also crafted a special little gift for the hubs. I'll post later since I instructed him not to open until Tuesday.

Any other creative decor or gift ideas out there?

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