Monday, February 27, 2012

Careful what you wish for ...

You know that old saying,

“Be careful what you wish for?”

Well I believe if you look below, I was wishing for some sort of change.

It happened.

Two Fridays ago, I got a call at 8:30p from our landlord’s realtor saying that the bank approved the apartment for short sale, and once they buy it we have 60 days to vacate.

Of course I panicked.

Mark is in the Caribbean until mid-March, and let’s face four weeks out (now three!) from my competition, I am a bit emotional and unstable.

This whole past week I have been a wreck. I don’t know if it’s the impending move, the fact I have to look at apartments by myself, the competition, my bum ankle (oh, yeah three weeks out and I can barely walk on my left foot, let alone run five miles everyday) or the lack of carbs in my diet.

… I think I have school in there somewhere, too.

Like I said before, when I get stressed I clean, I make lists, I get organized.

I don’t study however.

Nor am I any good at making decisions (sans deciding whether a piece of paper is important or junk).

I made a call into a realtor in Fort Lauderdale, and of course she was out of town until Monday. I am hoping to view a few places this coming week, which is also when we will hear more definitely from the bank.

Until then I will be purging my closets and drawers … at this rate we might only have one box to pack!

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