Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our life on display

I spent this past weekend gathering and printing emails, bills, FB photos and any other type of correspondence Mark and I have had in the last three and a half years.

About two weeks ago we received our date for our Green Card interview (yeah!). So we met with our immigration lawyer yesterday to go through all the documents and some of the questions we could be asked. Luckily she said that she is very doubtful our relationship would be questioned (DUH!), but unfortunately, I still have A TON of work to do.

Everything so far. ... do they make 10 in three-rign binders?

While getting photos and making albums were fun, she suggested printing out phone bills AND some documentation proving that those phone numbers are ours, ALL our joint checking statements (I printed every third, including the first and most recent), our every Florida Power and Light bills since we moved to Miami (Jan. 2010) just to name a few of the items.

Also, while I had printed out the emails that Mark and I sent to each other (those I still had, as I am a clean Inbox freak), I left out the emails that were about wedding vendors or non-lovey things. But she suggested I print those. That is hundreds of pages!!!!

There are a few other items to get in order as well as organizing everything so the immigration officers can quickly find things. I was exhausted going home after the two-hour meeting.

And while I like to think we have a lot of things in order, you never know the personality of your immigration officer, and what if they don’t think we have enough, or if my answers are too short or Mark’s are too long. While it’s easy to say, “We’ll be fine,” this is the rest of our lives, and we'd both like to spend it together.

And it’s terrible to think that since we haven’t made a major purchase together could possibly put us a risk. We could be screwed for being good financial stewards. (Seriously, our lawyer wanted us to buy a car! My car is only six years old and PAID IN FULL!!!! Are we suppose to go into debt to prove our love?!)

Luckily Mark comes home in a few days and we get to celebrate his 35th birthday!

It will be nice to have a relaxing weekend together before our interview next week. We’ll have to get a few people to take our photo as well, since we have NO PHOTOS of us together since after the holidays (Seriously, it's him and the dogs or me and the dogs … sad.)

Anyway, if you are reading this, and you pray, please add us to your list as we are praying that the process goes smooth and that our immigration agent connects with us as we answer questions honestly and to the best of our knowledge ... and that Mark gets the lucky card before October! :P


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  2. Oh Tara! This IS such a difficult process. I will pray for you guys.