Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The One with the Birthday and the Interview ...

It’s been a big weekend, and an even bigger yesterday!

My wonderful hubbie came in on Thursday night … or was it Friday morning? His flight was delayed, so after a long day of class and clinic (luckily, I was in the herb room, so I was relaxing most of the day) I picked up the birthday boy around midnight.

My husband is a wonderful and generous man. He is always super supportive of any “project” or goal I undertake, and he always makes sure I never go without. He’s amazing and I can’t believe how blessed I am to have him in my life. So, of course, I had to plan big weekend for his 35th birthday.

Isn't he handsome?

We had planned to go to the Jason Aldean concert in West Palm Beach on Saturday night (which is about an hour or so from were we live). During the day on Saturday, I had to go to an acupuncture insurance seminar, but I had planned on leaving early, calling Mark on my way to tell him to pack his bags, and surprise him with a night at the Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach (What better place to fall asleep on your first night as a 35 year old?).

What I didn’t plan for was calling Mark after my class on Friday and having him tell me he’d been on the couch all day because he felt sick.

It got worse from there.

I did leave the seminar early, but I planned on taking Mark to the urgent care.

When I got home and Mark rallied a bit, so I told him the plans (hotel was still a surprise). We had an hour to kill, so I told him to rest while I got something to eat. We had to leave around 2:30p. At 2:25p Mark was sleeping.

He ended up rallying again, we loaded the car, dropped the dogs at the dog hotel and checked in (What better place to be sick on your 35th Birthday?!). We celebrated his birthday, with amazing Mischa’s Cupcakes, some prezies and room service.

They gave us an ocean-view :)


35 does not equal not blowing out candles!

My parents gave him a singing card

Opening the gift from the pups

Which was this, framed:

Oh yeah and this came:

Amazing! This is why I LOVE the Ritz!

Did I mention it was REAL whip cream?!

I don’t know if he didn’t want to disappoint me, or he’s just really that much of a trooper, but we made it to the concert. Jason Aldean was amazing, and we had really good seats. And the people were awesome! All trashy, country folk: big trucks, short shorts and really drunk.

Yeah, we were that close!

Oh, and it was hot as a donkey’s ball sack … welcome to summer in the swampland. We made it back to the hotel by 11:30p, asked the Ritz to hose us down at the door as we smelled like stale sweat, beer and redneck (okay, so we just showered) and jumped in the big fluffy head.

In the morning we had breakie, then jumped in our car and picked up the dogs. (I waived the usual mandatory exit-bath since the pups only stayed on night … bad idea. The car smelled like a kennel and we had to bathe them when we got home).

Fast forward to Monday night: Our green card interview was on Tuesday morning. I was up until 12:30a printing emails, photos, bills and phone records. I organized everything into 24 sections, which ended up filling up one 5 inch binder and one 3 inch binder. Not to mention the three photo albums and my wedding planner binder.

Everything, pre-bound

Tuesday morning we woke up early to gather last minute papers. I was on time (surprise!) and we arrived an hour before our interview.

Did I mention five minutes before we checked in Mark realized he didn't have on his wedding band? (… He actually lost it, as we have yet to find it.)

Luckily it didn’t matter. We passed! We were very blessed with a beautiful and young immigration agent (who had a fabulous weave! I wanted to ask who did it, but I was pretty sure that would be inappropriate.) She was interested in how we met (eHarmony) and our travels together (Mark’s marathon motorcycle ride to meet me, my trek to Bermuda, our Bahamian hell aka my seasickness).

Oh, an major props to our fabulous wedding photographer, Neysa Ruhl. Our agent loved our engagement and wedding photos! If you are in the Cincinnati area, and are getting married Neysa is a joy to work with, super talented and worth it!

While she barely looked at all my hardwork, our lawyer informed us that we had to continue keeping phone records, bills, communication, etc. as this green card is conditional for the next two years (yikes!). Then we have to file again for a permanent card.

Thank you for everyone’s support through this process! It helped ease our minds knowing we had people rallying for us and knowing there are others out there that have gone through the same thing (sometime we feel very alone down here). Thank You Thank You Thank You!

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