Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Indian Lake, Ohio

I don't have too much to say. I've been up since 4am, leaving this morning from my wonderful trip at Indian Lake, Ohio.

We started the weekend celebrating my Dad's 60th birthday ... his gift: Skydiving! Him, two of my brothers and a friend decided to leave their life up to a flimsy piece of cloth. I stayed down below.
My dad and E

My brother Brett, his friend Alex and their skydiving-guide Trev

There was a really cool, chill vibe at the skydiving center that almost made me want to try it ... almost. ...

We then made it up to my family's lake house. I hadn't been back in two years! This place is super special to me. I believe the second time Mark came to visit (the first was our first meeting), I brought him here. He had to understand what this place meant to me. We even made our wedding photog trek up here for an hour-worth of engagement fodies.

Neysa Ruhl Photography (she's the best!)

We use to spend almost every weekend during the summer at the lake, and when we were really young, my mom would take us there for two weeks at a time. It's just so relaxing. It was great to be back. Here's a weekend in photos:

Our "backyard"


View from our deck

Covered bridge built sometime in the late-1800s


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  1. The lake looks lovely! Glad you had a great time celebrating your father's birthday!