Sunday, October 14, 2012


I completely missed September.

… And most of October.


Luckily, it’s due to good things, such as the last 60 days or so off of school.  I have been training for a competition (it’s this weekend!), so I have enjoyed sleeping through my 5 am wake up calls and lazy days. 

I know, I know.  I made a big deal about not doing another competition, but this my inaugural competition a year ago, and it’s right down the street, so I gave into temptation.  And when I began this competition journey, I gave myself a year, so Oct. 20 will signify full circle (and the day I will most likely enjoy pizza.  The real stuff, not the cauliflower-based pizza, that everyone raves about but I can't seem to not bake to the pan, let alone perfect it).

Really wished I lived in Chicago ... Lou Malnati's anyone?
Brett, maybe this can be my birthday present :)

So, what’s next?

Well, I have given some serious thought to my future.  While I “graduated” in August, due to a rolling admissions program, I still have about 15 weeks of classes to complete land only 10 weeks of clinic shifts to fulfill!

Next year will bring four national board exams, while the next few months will involve intense study.

That being said, I think I would like to pursue an acupuncture career in the field of orthopedic/sports medicine.  Hopefully this pathway will concincide with personal training too.

So I want to turn this blog from  “Yachting Wife” To “Fit Wife,” offering information on health, fitness, recipes and the occasional bit on life.

With that little introduction, October is my FAVORITE month, so hold on to your pumpkins, because I a lot planned.

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