Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pre-Show Off Day

Thursday is my day off from school and clinic.  

Thank goodness, too.  

On Sunday, I ended up pulling my lower back muscles (scary scary scary when you can't stand up or move).  Fortunately, it was at the very last set, so I didn't feel too terrible crawling walking out of the gym. And thanks to Aleve, and broken up cardio sessions I could make it through my workouts on Monday. 

And lucky me, my clinic shift are Tuesdays, so I begged my partner for a treatment.  

By the way, acupuncture is AH-MAZE-BALLS! I hope to write more about it, but for now I will just leave you with the fact that while I was still in pain, my back felt looser and the "pain" was more dull and sore than the sharp, stabbing pains I previous had. 

Anyway, I felt great yesterday, but this morning, I rushed out the door without taking my trusty Aleve. 


I barely made it through my cardio sessions, came home and collapsed on a heating pad (a gift from the hubs) for about two hours.  

Pre-show Fridays involve show check-ins, packing my day-of bag, tanning and all around chaos (not to mention I have to start cutting water, so I am not the happiest person to be around, unfortunately for the Hubs). 

Thursday I try to tie up loose ends, run last minute errands, get a manicure, clean the house (since I'm useless for the day following the show) and typically bake something for a post-show treat.  

I'm in a good mindset this time around, and I don't want to ruin how hard I worked (especially since I will most likely take a few days off of hardcore gym-time to rest the back). 

Plus my parents and bestie come to visit next weekend, so I don't want to go too overboard with post-show cheat meals since their visit will bring some meals out and some libations. :) 

But I have a sweet tooth.  While it's under-control, I refuse to give it up.  I seriously wish a study would come out saying that chocolate was a food group. 

Until then, I try to pick and choose exactly what I want as to satisfy the little obese child inside screaming for the darkest cocoa around. 

My post-show treat: Fool's Toffee.

Yum Yum: Here's the recipe. It's so easy!
I love this stuff.  It's best cold, so it needs to be frozen or refrigerated, meaning it's not as easy to eat as a candy bar.  You can nibble on a piece and feel satisfied. 

This time around I also want to attempt this: 

Oatmeal Bake: recipe

I love my typical egg-based breakfast, but I thought I might switch it up with a special treat.  And if it's good, I'll have some in the fridge for my parents and bestie when they come to visit.  
I'll let you know how it goes!  

More to come tomorrow (photos of me in my orange-glazed glory!) 

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