Thursday, August 30, 2012

Life at the Lake

This is where I am:

Indian Lake, Ohio

This is what time I have been waking up:

My day consists of a little bit of this:

3 miles every day, followed by 30 minutes of plyos

Some of this:

Just call him "Duke" from now on.

Not so much of this: 

She has a tendency to abandon board, which leaves me swimming.

And none of this:

Seriously, who can study with the awesome weather and the lake at your back door?!
(which was the whole point of me being at the lake, but c'est la vie when you are dockside)

I am looking forward to these guys coming up on Friday:

Brett's lives in Chicago, and Eric's been living it up in London for the last year.  

For one last family get-together before life gets a little more hectic again. 

I made even splurge and get some of this before the weekend's out: 

In a mini, of course. 

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