Friday, April 5, 2013

Sweet Potato Pizza

It's the weekend!  

Not that it means much since I don't have a job nor do I have classes ... 

For some reason the weekend makes falling off the healthy eating wagon a bit easier. 

Even though I'm not competing anymore, and my diet isn't nearly as restrictive (typing as I nosh on trail mix), I don't go all crazy with junky food.  

I still start EVERY MORNING with egg whites, asparagus and black coffee. 

Guess which part of breakfast is my favorite? 

I have been craving some pizza.  However, I haven't been "good enough" with my eating or work out to warrant "real" pizza.  

I failed miserably at the cauliflower pizza crust fad.  
(Ask Hubs, there were tears). 

So when these pizza recipes from popped up on my newsfeed, I was skeptical.  

I made the gluten-free one, not because I'm trying to be gluten-free, but because I had all most of the ingredients handy. 

(Gluten-free = another fad, I believe, unless you are in the 1% that have celiac disease (a genetic disease). Yes, I believe there is a gluten intolerance, especially since so much of our breads and like products are highly processed, but people get on the bandwagon without realizing that a lot of gluten-free foods in the store are also highly processed.  And gluten-free doesn't mean calorie free.  It's a lot of work, ask anyone who truly has an issue with gluten. There is also yeast intolerance -- yeast and sugars (candida diet)  -- which can have symptoms similar to a gluten intolerance. For example, I am fine with gluten, but I tend to have a yeast/sugar intolerance.  I began taking a probiotic, watch my diet and my digestive system has been AWESOME. I am still sensitive to a lot of sugar,  but we all are.

And let's be honest here, you need carbs for "optimal health," but in reality your body could function without them. Protein and healthy fats are essential.   I don't recommend not eating carbs (lord knows I am 100% happier with them), but be smart about it.  Sweet potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, a lot of veggies ... all "good" carbs and all gluten-free without even trying to be cool

Moral of the story: know your body.)

Okay off my soap box, and on to pizza! 

I didn't have the proper flour, but this mix worked perfectly.  
I'm assuming regular baking flour would too. 

I only used 3/4 of a small sweet potato (not the one pictured), and I peeled and microwaved it until soft (normally I would bake it, but I didn't have time).  

It will look like soup. 

I didn't have a cake pan so I made 3 mini-pizzas. 
I could have used a baking square pan, as sweet potato expands a bit. The "crust" is more like a pancake than a pizza crust, so if you are expecting a doughy crunch you will be disappointed.

None the less, a few toppings, a bit of mozzeralla, and yum! 

WAY better than the cauliflower pizza. I was surprised how much it it the spot, and it was really light. 

Since I am a pescetarian (so trendy) and I haven't acquired a taste of fish on pizza yet, I didn't have a protein with this meal. (Carnivores could add chicken or steak).

 In the future I will add a bit of vanilla or non-flavored protein powder to the "dough" portion.  Or even better, adding tuna, salmon, hard boiled eggs or scallops to my a small side salad would yield protein. 

So if you have a craving for pizza this weekend, try this easy and yummy meal, without ruining your hard work or breaking the calorie bank ... in fact you may have enough left over for some fro-yo.  

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