Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Get to Know Me.

I need to study

But I haven't written in a while, so I thought a little "Get to know Me" post via Pinterest & Someecards would be appropriate. 

1. I'm deaf. 

Right before my junior year of college, I lost my hearing in my left ear. 

I often forget I'm deaf until I'm at a dinner party and I creepily squint at whomever is speaking.  It's so I can read their lips, but it pretty much guarantees they will never make eye contact with me again. 

It hasn't really changed my life except I still can't always differentiate where sound is coming from. So if you really want to have some fun, hide my phone and call it.  

2. I have a great memory ...

For trivial facts.  Yet, when it comes to remembering my four years of Spanish or Chinese Herbs, forget it. 

Example: Hubs and I had lunch Monday at my favorite Mexican restaurant.  I rattled off the meal he had the last time we ate there, which was nine months ago (For his birthday.  He wasn't feeling good, so he had the mahi wrap with mashed potatoes, which came with little tortilla strips in the colors of the Mexican flag.  He also ordered a tequila and OJ, opting for 1800 brand.  This time he just had Cuervo Gold).  

This happened a lot in college.  Luckily, most of the time the other person was a bit inebriated, so they weren't as freaked out when I told them I knew them because they sat in the third row, on the left in such and such class we had together.  Between the Zeta that was a Rho Gamma last year during rush and the guy that always wears baseball hats.  I didn't tell them I remembered and liked the answer they gave in class two weeks ago ... that might have been too far. 

 3. Douche Canoe

ALWAYS hear, "I'm really sorry. I shouldn't say that in front of you.  I don't want to corrrupt you."  

Child, please! 

I probably one of the most inappropriate and politically incorrect people.  I often joke that I have the sense of humor of a 15 year-old boy. 

However, I still don't find Tosh.O funny. 

Oh and I have a dirty mouth.  Sorry mom. 

4. I am a bit OCD

My clothes hang color-coded and by style (sweats, shirts, tanks, etc). 

I freak out at Hubs if he doesn't place the veggies in the veggie tray or leaves cheese in the "main area" of the fridge rather than the appropriate drawer.  

I will re-load the dishwasher after Hubs loads it. 

... These are just a few of my favorite things. 

Don't feel bad for Hubs ... he has his own obsessive-complusive issues to deal with. 

5. I love coffee.

I truly wake up excited to get my first cup. Nothing better. 

Except breakfast food. 

And tacos. 

6. Exactly the reason I am an acupuncturist. 

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