Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bikinis and Boxes


Happy Tuesday ya’ll. I can finally say life is somewhat back to normal.

Last Wednesday we moved, and with the competition this weekend, I hadn’t had a chance to unpack. Hubs has worked super hard to get the apartment to a box-less state, but my clothes are still packed away.

My competition went really well.

I met other Bombshell teammates, I think I looked the best I ever had, and I placed third …

… Out of three in my class.

Here’s the thing. During this training, I really tried to focus on God and the fact that He’s allowing me to do this. I asked and prayed he’d allow me to place in the top three in my height class, knowing that the top three get a bid to a national competition, and only through a national competition can you have the possibility of getting your pro card.

Is getting my pro card my ultimate goal? It would be fun and great if I did. But ultimately my goal is to go to a national competition, and guess what God did?!

He provided.

Of course, it's not without challenges, even the day of. I’ve blogged about my ankle pain, which is thankfully healed. But Saturday morning, I got up at 5 am to starting getting ready (Okay, I may have hit the snooze once). I plugged in my curling iron, which worked just days before, and found that it wouldn’t work. Since we just moved in, I still haven’t figured out which outlets work and which light switches turn on what, so after struggling for about five minutes I gave in to the fact that it was broken.

Luckily we lived across the street from a 24-hour Wal-greens. I had put my hair in curlers the night before, and tied my hair up with a scarf to keep everything in place. If that wasn't enough, I had been spray tanned the night before, and you can’t wear undergarments after being tanned, so in my PJs, bra-less, orange-skinned and hair tied up in rollers and a scarf, I walked into Wal-greens to purchase a curling iron and red lipstick at 5:20 on a Saturday morning. Let’s just say the clerk wasn't too chatty.

Hubs joined me for judging on Saturday night. This show was really cool because they had a wheelchair competition as well. These guys are such inspirations, especially since some of them have more severe conditions than being paraplegic.

With Hubs

The wheelchair competition

Afterwards, Hubs and I decided to eat, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with guacamole and fajitas. Sunday, I tried to stick with my diet, while I decided to take off exercise-wise.

Hubs and I made a trip to IKEA, which was a terrible idea. Overwhelmed, overcrowded and just plain tired, we decided to head to Cheesecake Factory for a long overdue date.

And guess what?

I got drunk. Obviously it took less than a half a raspberry martini to get me tipsy, but I figured I’d have another … and some frozen yogurt after.

By five in the afternoon, Hubs and I were passed out in the apartment. We had every intention of unpacking and doing a little home improvement, but it was nice to be “normal” again.

I also may have splurged on the flourless chocolate chip cookies from Chocolate-Covered Katie, and I HIGHLY recommend them. They are soooooo good and super easy to make! (p.s. I used the chocolate chunks rather than chips. Also highly recommend.)

And while I started the weekend a hot-mess in curlers, I’m beginning the week the same way. I look like an Oompa-Loompa as the dark spray tan fades to orange and my drug-store, glue-on nails are popping off left and right.

But I woke up at 5 am to hit the gym for a few hours before class Monday and today (I think I like the two-hour early morning work out rather than at the end of the day. Who knew I'd be a morning person?!)

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