Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Survival Guide

For years (yikes! I can’t believe it’s been almost three!), Mark and I have been desperately trying to find a hobby to do together.

After spending our first year traveling, sitting on the couch under the same roof, chowing on pizza was romantic. However, Mark and I are not sit at home types. Yes, we prefer low-key nights, but we want to feel like we took the life out of the daytime.

So what did we come up with?

Camping!!! What better way to strengthen your bond than with getting lost and fighting over starting a fire? Honestly, I love camping, so I'm excited Mark is as excited as me.

This is just my new stuff – Mark has a whole separate bag full of mini pots and cups, a Jet Boil and a pocket chain saw just in case we need to Swiss Family Robinson it.

Mark has been religiously watching Man vs. Wild and even bought a Bear Grylls survival knife (… it’s actually pretty cool) as well as a Bear Grylls shirt (which apparently can be used to make a “survival rope” for quicksand if such a need arises) and Bear Grylls pants (with a glorified Ziploc pocket pouch for all the items you don’t want to get wet on the "slippy" rocks).

When he reads this, he probably thinks I’m making fun of him, but his all-hands-on-deck, jumping-in-head-first, balls-to-the-walls enthusiasm is something I love about him.

We had tried other hobbies; two months into dating he surprised me with a motorcycle helmet for his Honda CBR 1000. As a girl that carries extra hairspray and a teasing comb in her purse, a helmet isn’t the most ideal gift. Mark’s a SCUBA instructor, so I have a pretty pink snorkel and mask (used once) and a brand new wet suit hanging in the closet (used zero). We did lucked out with paddle boarding. However once I moved off the boat, my paddle board went into storage and has yet to be seen.

And unfortunately Florida doesn’t boast the most rugged terrain, so in order to really test out our “survival” gear we’ll have to make a trip.

I really want to find a hiking/camping trail that allows dogs, because how cute would Martini be wearing one of these?

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  1. sounds fun. where are you two thinking of going camping?