Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Easter marks the first holiday Mark and I have spent just the two of us!

Easter is my favorite holiday. As a Christian, it’s obviously one of the most important, as it is the foundation of our entire belief system. But it’s also one of those holidays where there is no expectations.

It’s a bit bittersweet, as any holiday without close family feels a bit little strange. While Mark and I headed to church this morning, it was weird not seeing EVERYONE dressed up. Cincinnati is so traditional, and I miss that in south Florida.

My family’s tradition usually include Sunday mass (I’ll throw in my inter-dominational service Saturday night), my brothers complain about getting dressed up, all four of us are fighting over who gets the shower next and struggle to get a spot in the mirror. After church we either hit up the country club or Dad makes the infamous holiday-only casserole while us “kids” (we are all well over 20) search for our Easter Baskets; baskets filled with Esther Price, BonBonerie cookies, and Jelly Bellys.

During Pre-Cana one of the speakers talked about making new traditions as a married couple. This Easter is our first opportunity to decide on how we want to celebrate a holiday, which is the sweet part.

We went to Good Friday service, visited the “Vatican Splendors” art exhibit at the Ft. Lauderdale Art Museum and went to service this morning (… which we were an hour early for. We were running “so late” I didn’t have time to double-check the time, of course.). I made brunch, complete with mimosas. (I even wore my fancy apron one of my besties gave me for my birthday, thanks Melz!).

My fancy & stylish apron from Anthropologie Love it!

AND! After seven months of marriage, we FINALLY got to use our “fancy” dinnerware, platters, bowls and serving utensils! I even got a little flash with a tablecloth and broke out my old, inner yachtie stewardess and prettied-up some table settings.

table setting

Our first Easter table! & my handsome husband

It was a fantastic, champagne-y late lunch (… I rarely cook, so it took me a while). We ate on our balcony, which has such a amazing view Mark and I couldn’t believe we didn't eat out there more often. Most people would kill to vacation here, and we are blessed enough to live here (yes, I did say I feel blessed to live in SoFla … maybe it’s the mimosas and the Cadbury eggs).

Even Martini and Morgan got some Easter-loot.

And now we continue our celebration of tradition-making by ordering an Easter pizza :)

I hope your Easter was just as blessed as ours!

Morgan getting her basket


Martini checking out the Bunny Loot

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