Wednesday, February 9, 2011

They're Coming to America ...

(You have the Neil Diamond song in your head, don't you?)

I haven’t written in a while, and although I had another post started, something more interesting came up.

Due to recent events, that hit a little to close to home, Mark and I have decided to begin the process of applying for his green card.

We talked about applying right after we got married. As you know, with my schooling and Mark’s line of work we barely squeezed in a honeymoon before Mark had the boss on board in the Bahamas for a few weeks. (If you didn’t know, travel is suggestively forbidden while a green card application is under process.)

Long story short, Mark and I met with an immigration lawyer this week.

I have no doubt in my mind Mark and I will pass. However, to have to allow the fate of your marriage to be decided by a government agency, someone who, no matter how much information or how many wedding photos are in a binder, doesn't really know us.

Until Tuesday, I didn’t know Mark’s favorite color, and until Tuesday he didn’t know mine. I did know how Mark loves waking up early, having the first cup of coffee, going to the pilot house to check emails and just enjoy the quiet – on the boat and on the sea. Mark knows that my dog is my most prized possession. He knows my weaknesses are sugar, diet soda, reality TV and Dachshunds. We both have fat days, we could spend all afternoon at the dog beach, our families are very important to us and we struggle daily with submitting to God.

As the process continues, I will chronicle what I can. It’s a weird feeling to think we have to defend our marriage.

I know the immigration agency is doing their job. And I am grateful, since I wouldn't want just anyone in this country, and I sure as hell don’t want the Sacrament of Marriage to become causality to the immigration process.

I know the immigration agents have a tough job and I don’t envy them. To help them out (hopefully!), Mark and I have started on the mound of paperwork (and the remembering!) as well as collecting every scrap of paper, every card and every piece of evidence we have that not only do we have a marriage, it’s a real marriage.

After all, happy, healthy relationships aren't about favorite colors or what country we are from. It’s about knowing that obstacles are just hiccups in the long run … and that’s exactly what we are in it for.

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