Friday, June 22, 2012

Jet-Setting Survival Must-Haves

I can’t believe in seven short days I will be on my way to Italia!

Sadly Hubs is not coming with, but I will be meeting my family in Roma, and from there we will tour some of the major sites and cities of Italy. 

It will be a whirlwind trip, but it is also the first family vacation we have taken in about 10 years.  It will also be the first time we will have all been in one location in about two and a half years!

As I mentioned in my last post, I got back from Thailand about a month ago, two weeks ago I was in Ohio for one of my besties’ wedding.  After this Italy trip I will be flying back to Ohio for another good girlfriend’s fabulous wedding.

Hubs and I use to run through airports on a weekly basis when we were dating, but since being married, my passport has been gathering dust.  I feel like a jet-setter again!

I’m sure a lot of you will be traveling this summer, so here are some of my travel essentials:

Clorox Wipes

During my last trip, I read in a magazine about all the germies on planes.   I am a bit of a germaphobe to begin with (I consider the smell of bleach an aphrodisiac). After reading the article I quickly bought antibacterial wipes for my flight back.

As I sit, I wipe down the arm rests, the seatbelt, the tray table (top & bottom) and if the seat is leather, the seat … as well as anything else I might possibly touch that could give me Hepatitis A.

(Did I scare you?)

Water Bottle with Filter

As a bikini competitor I drink a lot of water.  Before competing I drank a lot of water. This time I will bring a water bottle with filter, so I can fill up anywhere! It will save you a lot of money, and keep you healthy and hydrated.

Nibbles & Nosh

I have been delayed on planes one too many times. I ALWAYS carry something to nibble on, whether it’s a packet of nuts to a sandwich from the airport deli.  On international flights, vegetarian meal options often leave a lot to be desired in the protein department. I’m usually so over-carbbed and bloated by the time I got off the flight.  This time I will be packing a few packets of tuna just in case.


If I have a long travel itinerary (layovers and long flights), I hate to carry a huge bag.  I also get really bored with books.  I’m usually reading two or three at one time (probably why I never finish any of them!)  My Kindle compresses everything into one small carry-on, leaving lots of room in my bag for:


If it’s a short weekend trip, I try to stuff pack everything into a carry-on.  However, for my international trips, I like to carry on a small bag of make up and a small bag of necessities to make sure I don’t look like Lindsey Lohan when I get off a flight.

Make up bag:
Tri-color palettes give you some variety without
 taking up too much room
(mine is liquid, so I pack it in the quart-size necessity bag)

One neutral-color eye shadow compact
Eye liner
Lip pencil
Chap stick
Teasing comb
Travel size hair spray

Lip pencils can be used to color in the lip, and the chap stick glossies it up a bit and keeps you hydrated.  Also, rub a little of the pencil color on your fingers and blend into your cheeks for a bit of color.

These are AH-MAZE-BALLS.
I never travel without!

Travel-size face wash
Travel-size face lotion
(I also use it for my hands and arms)
Travel toothbrush and paste
(if it’s a short trip, then I will pack Wisps)
Saline eye drops
Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer
Wet wipes

Just enough to keep from being too stinky when I get off the flight.

Happy Flying Lovies! 

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