Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Skull Candy

I’ve been a bad blogger lately as I’ve been consumed with post-show exhaustion.

But it’s almost mid-October, and I am counting down the days until one of my favorite holidays: Halloween!

Any holiday that makes it mandatory to receive and eat candy without repercussions is good in my book. (All the diet commercials start after the Thanksgiving and Christmas indulging Halloween is still in the safe zone). Besides eating candy and dressing up, I love Halloween because of the decorations.

Many of you are unaware of my slight obsession with skulls.

Even Martini-Dog isn't immune from the obsession.

The day after Halloween is All Souls Day here in the States, but it’s also the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) in Mexico,

where there is a celebration, parades and, the root of my love-affair, decorated sugar skulls:

For some reason I have an obsession with this holiday, and when I found out a woman in my class is from Mexico, I was just short of attacking her with questions about the holiday.

Okay, back to skulls. I was at Target a few weeks ago while all the Halloween décor was still being set up. I walked down the aisle and found this:

It lights up!

I totally would have registered for this stuff.

I practically had a heart attack. I didn’t buy anything as I have a strict policy not to buy decoration until the month of the holiday. But now it’s October, I might have to go back.

A grey skull cookie jar goes with the neutral costal décor of our apartment, right?

And salt and pepper shakers ... a bit much?

Honestly, I really want a Day of the Dead tattoo:

Don't worry mom, since I’m not Mexican, I don't feel right getting one.

But maybe a tribute to Martini-dog?

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