Thursday, June 10, 2010

100 days ...

In 100 days I will become a newlywed. I know, I know. It happens to thousands, if not millions, of couples weekly. However my situation is a bit different.

See, in 100 days I also become a yacht-widow. Though the term a bit morbid and confusing, I am basically one of a number of land-loving women whose husbands work in the yacht (or boating) industry.

As a journalism major, I always thought I would be writing about other people, never my own life. However, not many people understand my situation or can even relate. And for lack of people to talk to (did I mention I recently moved to a new city (Miami, Fla.) thousands of miles from friends and family back in Ohio?), I figured the once writer in me, could use this blog as a catharsis. And perhaps it will keep me going when I am reminded that although my FH and I get the to play house on occasion, its less often than we play phone tag.

I will chronicle planning a wedding from afar, with a fiancĂ© often M.I.A., will also be working in Croatia two months before the wedding … oh and did I mention I am in school again? I wish I had started this blog earlier so I could describe the drama that occurred when my class schedule changed and the two-week honeymoon we were planning has since turned into a long-weekend at a resort in Naples, Fla. (Exotic, right?) I hope to follow our first year newly wed, navigating the waters of a long-distance marriage as well as learning a bit about life along the way.


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